What every marketer should know about personalization and scalable content creation in 2020


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Join the 30-min webinar on 11 February at 11 am EET hosted by Frosmo and Weld. We’ll discuss the importance of creating meaningful customer journeys that also bring business results. We strongly believe that website personalization with scalable content creation is key to putting customer experience at the center of your digital service.

The agenda:

  • What all marketers should know about personalization
    • Business benefits of creating personalized customer journeys

    Tanja Säde, CMO, Frosmo

  • Scalable content creation and the agile processes
    • Introducing the next-generation content creator tool - Weld Creator v4

    Tom Söderlund, CEO, Weld

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An effective and smart personalization promises the best possible customer experience in every touchpoint. Learn more and download the comprehensive guide for personalization.


Meet the presenters

Tanja new1

Tanja Säde

CMO, Frosmo

Tom Söderlund - by Stefan Lundaahl 2

Tom Söderlund

CEO, Weld

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