Webinar: AI for optimizing customer journeys in online betting



How is AI is shaping the online betting industry

Find out why AI is such a big topic in gambling. Frosmo experts share the best practices of artificial intelligence in the online betting industry.

Use AI in customizing and optimizing the customer journey

The goal of AI is to create better service and better UX. The user gets to be in the center again. 

Gain insights from some real AI cases

The machines we use on a daily basis are getting smarter, and with AI shaping our world far more than many of us realize, how does it affect the online betting industry? How do you predict churn? Fraud? How do you identify problem gamblers? 

Want to know more about how you can use AI for optimizing customer journeys in online betting?

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Matias Sjöblom
Technical Project Manager


Kamal Memon
ML Engineer

Timo Luoto_1

Timo Luoto
Senior Advisor