Webbdagarna 2021 breakfast seminar talk with Contentful

Using personalization for lead generation

Maija Erkheikki, Chief Channel Officer at Frosmo and Moritz Guth, Sr. Web Marketing Manager at Contenful talk about personalization and applying e-commerce principles to content.


In discussion with two digital professionals from Frosmo and Contenful, we explain how ecommerce principles can be applied to content using personalization for lead generation.

Applying personalization for Contentful websites is explained through practical examples and by defining the personalization types used by Contentful.

Results for applying personalization on Contentful's websites are introduced by utilizing key performance indicators.


Agenda of the discussion:

  • The challenge - which problem are they trying to solve?
  • Contentful's journey to find a solution
  • Results and next steps


Key takeaways

1. Start small, but start quickly

2. Maintain the cycle of experimentation to keep on learning

3. Different visitors want different content

Moritz Guth

Moritz Guth

Sr. Web Marketing Manager



Maija Erkheikki

Chief Channel Officer

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