Webinar: Drive ecommerce revenue with personalization


What is personalization, really?

Within marketing and ecommerce, personalization is quickly becoming the focal point for a competitive advantage. Without a doubt, people will have told you to “do personalization”. But, what is personalization, really? And, what does it mean to do personalization?

The good and the bad of personalization

Frosmo experts will explore the fundamentals of personalization, walk you through the key elements of the customer journey and show you how to leverage this strategy in creating a customer-centric experience for your customers. 

How to excel and optimize

Personalization has become the focus in winning the hearts of customers. Get ideas on how to fully utilize the data you have to provide superior personalized customer journeys and, ultimately, drive online revenue. 


Meet the presenters


Riikka Helkkula

Platform Training Manager

Tom photo webinar-1

Tom de Raad

Product Marketing Manager