We'll be hosting a LinkedIn Live on Wednesday 10.11.2021

at 1 pm UK time / 2 pm CET.

Join into a discussion about:

  • Why you should prioritize personalization on your roadmap
  • History of personalization in iGaming and how it has developed. How is the industry doing compared to other digital industries? Is it given the priority it deserves?
  • Insights about personalization techniques
  • Review of a real case study from Dafabet about boosting acquisition
  • See what a personalization engine like Frosmo can do and what new features we have to offer. Know the difference between hyper-personalization and segmentation when and how to use each.
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Personalization in iGaming

In the iGaming industry, content is undoubtedly king, with a market built on a wide variety of games that aim to provide the best gameplay experience. By creating unique web user experiences, you attract your players to the content they are most likely to engage with.

Brands experience a 20% increase in players engaging and viewing casino content when their page has personalized recommendations.

Personalization in iGaming explained in 1 minute

personalization in iGaming explained in 1 minute




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