Recorded webinar: Front-end development for headless CMS



The big promise of headless CMS

The big promise of headless CMS is to enable you to reuse the same content delivered through different channels. 


Challenges with a separated front end

Hear how Frosmo experts tackle the challenges of front-end development for headless CMS.


Personalization made possible

Among other things, our experts will share how to continue personalizing, testing, and targeting to ensure great user experience for your visitors.



Meet the presenters


Maija Erkheikki

Chief Channel Officer and Digital Experience EnthusiastFrosmo


Riikka Helkkula

Technical Project Manager and Contentful SpecialistFrosmo


Frosmo as the front end for your microservices architecture

Let’s talk about microservices architectures. Architectures in which companies use a set of smaller tools and services to create a modular and easier-to-develop environment. It’s the gateway to continuous development, delivery, and deployment. Read more